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The Office of the Secretariat plays an advisory role in the organizational structure of the University. Besides handling academic and administrative affairs, the Office follows the instructions of the University President and serves as liaison between different units of the University. The Office is both an executive as well as a communicator. 
According to the regulations on the organization of the University, the Office of the Secretariat is to handle the general affairs, plan and manage the media resources. The changes in its human resources application and scope of duties follow the transformation in higher education and the shifts in the scope of duties of the University President. From 1980, the year National Sun Yat-sen University was founded by the Sizih Bay, the Office of the Secretariat has provided assistance and support for the President. Moreover, on August 1st, 2005, the Office duties were divided between General Affairs Division and PR Resources Division; and until February 2010 a separate unit – Alumni Service Center operated to strengthen the connection of the University with its alumni. In February 2015, as the Center’s duties changed, and for the sake of effectiveness of the administrative system, the Office was subdivided into General Affairs Division, Public Affairs Division and Alumni Service Center.
In February 2017, to strengthen the services directed towards alumni for fundraising, Alumni Service Center became an independent administrative unit. Presently, the Office of the Secretariat administers two units: General Affairs Division and Public Affairs Division, which have the following responsibilities:
General Affairs Division: management of the agenda of the University President, minutes recording, receiving guests, proofreading of official documents, replying to letters, compiling texts. 
Public Affairs Division: the University’s news broadcasting, communicatinge the objectives, vision, and achievements of the University, fostering the academic culture and promotinge  the brand image through media broadcast.
The Office of the Secretariat, promoting the academic affairs, considers education its most important value, and views administration as complementary. Besides strengthening the vertical transfer of documents, responsibility and professionalism, horizontal communication, coordination and cooperation are to be reinforced. We believe that principles are needed to be human, and kindness – to do one’s job, and that personal cultivation and abilities are qually necessary. In imperial China, a secretariat would be an official registrar; nowadays, it is a communication bridge for other units and the key coordinator. The efforts of its employees and key competences of each unit cannot be undervalued. The Office staff proudly assist the President, take the initiative and strive for their best, respect the law and never go beyond it.
Updated on 05/27, 2021